School for Little Children
Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Parents Group


The Parent’s Group plays a significant role at School for Little Children.

All the money raised through the Parents’ Group fundraisers goes directly back into the school.  The fundraisers allow the school to purchase additional school activities for the teachers and their classrooms, continually help maintain specific areas of the playground throughout the year, furnish refreshments for school programs, and any additional items that the school may need.

Some of our projects have been a cookie dough fundraiser, sponsoring a carnival each year, having a lunch program for the children (at additional cost), having playground work days, and monthly teacher appreciation.   We have SFLC t-shirts, hoodies, bows and  tile wall sales.

ALL parents are encouraged to be a part of the Parents’ Group.  We welcome all of you to be active and participate to help continue to make School for Little Children the wonderful school that it continues to be year after year.  We encourage new faces and new ideas to help make a difference in our school.

Welcome to School for Little Children!